Beauty influencers win over followers’ hearts on social media widely. Their audiences love to see their posts and videos with fabulous transformations, new tips on makeup and hairstyles, and pieces of advice on different products. Many influencers have launched very profitable beauty brands thanks to great success online. Let’s meet some of the most-followed beauty influencers in the world on Instagram.

Huda Kattan

An Iraqi-American makeup artist and entrepreneur, Huda Kattan is known for her brand Huda Beauty, which was co-founded with her sisters Mona and Alya. She not only shares beauty tips and product information but also gives opportunities to other beauty influencers to showcase their skills with Huda Beauty products. In 2019, Huda was ranked 40 on Forbes’ list of the wealthiest self-made female entrepreneurs in the US.

Nikkie Tutorials 

The Dutch makeup artist Nikkie Tutorials is known for her extremely popular YouTube videos with makeup tutorials. She is one of the most celebrated names among beauty influencers. The popularity of her videos led to her association with the most famous labels, celebrities, and brands. In 2019, Marc Jacobs Beauty named her its first-ever global artistry advisor. In 2020, de Jager was recognized as a UN goodwill ambassador. In 2021 Nikkie hosted Eurovision Song Contest, and in 2022 named Celebrity Beauty Influencer by World Influencers and Bloggers Awards. 

Zoë Sugg

Sugg’s personal Instagram account is like a diary of her life: she posts her favorite foods, campaigns on social media and mental health, promotions of her books and travels, and precious moments with her partner, Alfie. And, of course, everything from her brand Zoella associations. Sugg also debuted as an author in 2014. Her book “Girl Online” became the fastest-selling debut novel.

Elnaz Gorlokh

Model and makeup artist who was forced to flee Iran after being threatened with arrest by the Iranian government for posting photos of herself without a headscarf to Instagram. Since fleeing to Dubai, she has become a major celebrity on the platform, amassing more than a 5M audience. In 2022 titled the Beauty Influencer by World Influencers and Bloggers Awards.

Manny Gutierrez

On social media, Manny Gutierrez, known as Manny Mua, started his influencer career with Instagram and only later took it to YouTube. He is one of the most followed male influencers and, in 2017, was the only man named on the People’s Most Beautiful list. Also, Gutierrez became the first male ambassador for Maybelline.

Sadaf Beauty

Sadaf Beauty, Persian-born and San Francisco-based, Influencer with a strong social media presence, frequently shares her makeup tutorials that involve a number of sophisticated looks, which include ultra glowy complexions, and very skillfully applied eye shadow. At the WIBA 2021 ceremony in Cannes, she was awarded the title of Beauty Influencer. 

Shayla Mitchell

Mitchell uses her Instagram account to share everything she knows and does about beauty, fashion and makeup. Every beauty post she shares has an unmistakable degree of glamour to it. Mitchell has collaborated with ColorPop Cosmetics, among other beauty brands, and starred in Colossal Big Shot product advertisement for Maybelline alongside Gutierrez.

Nabela Noor

A Bangladeshi-American Noor shares both beauty secrets and crucial messages centered on her advocacy. She has been using her influence to speak about the rights of marginalized communities, diversity, immigration, and representation. Noor is also known as a voice against cyberbullying and has been raising the issue on both traditional and social media platforms. She is also the founder of Noor House, a nonprofit that helps communities with free housing, educational resources, and access to food and water.

Thuy Le

Thuy Le, the London-based influencer, started her career as a beauty influencer on Instagram while freelancing as a makeup artist and working part-time at M.A.C. Cosmetics. Later, she expanded into making content for YouTube. Her videos are both informative and fun to watch. She is praised for correcting herself and explaining her faults and has gained a standing for her reliable reviews of beauty products.

Nyane Lebajoa

Nyane Lebajoa is originally from Lesotho in Africa, she spent her teens in the UK and then moved to Germany. After trying herself in modeling, she turned to focus on the beauty aspect, especially her hair. Her followers love the different styles she showcases with hair and makeup. Lebajoa also has a company known as Temper, which sells high-quality wigs.