Perfume giant Coty has announced a new environmental target. The company, which has partnered with KKW Beauty, Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, and other brands, plans to manufacture most of its perfume products using a benchmark from industrial carbon emissions. The company has signed a letter of intent to become LanzaTech’s carbon recycling partner for the ingredient. Coty is focused on producing sustainable perfumes that will not harm the environment.

Credo Beauty cosmetic brand has the highest sustainability requirements in retail. Experts carefully test each product of their brand without harming nature. Credo Beauty is not tested on animals; on the site, you can see all the ingredients included in cosmetics.

La Mer uses the healing potential of the ocean to create its beauty products. Large sea kelp, known for its healing properties, is an essential substance in La Mer products. The brand is interested in conserving aquatic biodiversity and, with the help of the fund, has raised over £4 million for nature conservation.

The company La Bouche Rouge is sadly impressed by the vast amount of waste generated during the production of cosmetics. Therefore, there is no plastic in their packaging, and they make cedarwood pencils and glass mascara bottles. They use exclusively sustainable materials and ingredients.

Elemis is one of the giants of British cosmetics. The brand does not test its products on animals and also does not use plant products in its composition. The high-tech progress of the brand has made it possible to create effective products.

Davines has abandoned the use of plastic in manufacturing and packaging its cosmetics. To create formulas, the brand uses natural ingredients and electricity from renewable sources, minimizing the harmful effects on the environment.

Irene Forte uses only plant extracts that scientists have tested. The brand’s packaging is made from recycled fibers and vegetable-based paints. Thus, Irene Forte’s cosmetics do not harm nature at all.

Maison Louis Marie, these are perfumes that do not contain allergic substances. They are not tested on animals and do not contain substances of animal origin. The packaging of fragrances is made of recycled fiberboard and paper and is not covered with toxic substances.

Spectrum Collection is a vegan and cruelty-free brand. The bones are made of the best fibers but without using animal hair. The brand has limited plastic packaging production by 50% and transferred a few percent of its revenue to a company that cleans the planet from plastic.

To maintain balance, Aveda continually comes up with ways to reduce the harm done to nature and compensate for its losses. 90% of the packaging is recycled plastic and polyethylene, which can be recycled, and half of the proceeds go to protecting freshwater in remote or arid regions with high population densities.