French stylist, Philippe Uter, is known for his chic aesthetic, impeccable tailoring, and attention to detail. As a Yves Saint Laurent’s school graduate, the Chambre Syndicale De La Couture Parisienne, Philippe, is the first and foremost creative mind. Philippe is World Influencers and Bloggers Awards 2021 titleholder as The Celebrity Stylist Influencer.

In your opinion, how has the talent management business changed with the Influencers’ appearance? 

It is a completely new way of thinking about our businesses. You have several new categories that appeared. Between A-listers and influencers, we don’t really know who has the biggest power anymore. Influencers are now represented as celebrities. Their social reach is so important that the way of thinking for the brands goes 2.0. The communication strategies also totally shifted, and social media are now more than ever, very important. 

Will Influencers replace models in the future? 

I don’t think so. Models are here for a good reason: being beautiful and well presenting a brand. Many influencers are pretty and charismatic on social media, but it is a totally different story in person. I would also add that we now see more models becoming influencers. So I feel like those models will definitely replace younger and less known «regular models.» 

Do you feel any difference between working with an actress, for example, and with an Influencer? 

Based on my experience, actresses understand that fashion is not their expertise and trust your taste compared to influencers that base their business on their looks. They have a stronger opinion of their appearance. On the contrary, influencers also take more risks in fashion and try a different vibe sometimes. I do feel like influencers, as of now, do not understand the importance of having a stylist. For them, brands send everything, so they mix and match. Therefore, they do not see the need for an expert eye. That is what used to happen in the movie industry long ago, so we can think of a shift in this direction too.

Is it possible to say that Influencers have already become celebrities? 

Yes, they have been. Unfortunately, most of them are known from the social world and not from the «real world,» so it is hard to track who is who.

You are an Influencer-Stylist. Does this status affect your work more beneficial than before you started your Instagram account? 

It definitely helped me a lot. I used my social media as a platform to show my work and share my love and fun with the world. I believe it also gives you an idea (sometimes false) of my personality. So you will also know if you could get along with me workwise.

Please comment on the following: with the Influencers’ appearance at the same time, a huge number of haters showed up. Did society reveal its true face? What is wrong with our society? How do you manage the culture of behavior on social media? 

This comes directly from my previous comment. Due to social media, people love to show this sugar version of themselves or their lives. Having fun, being rich and beautiful. But normal humans, as we are all, are vulnerable and not perfect. Social media emphasizes this fake life which obviously creates frustrations for any viewer. Sometimes it makes you dream, and sometimes it makes you hate. But isn’t it already what happens when your neighbor drives a Porsche and not you?

Should Influencers associations educate bloggers about content posting etiquette? 

Yes, they definitely should. I think it is important to show your true self or at least embrace the power you have in social media to do good to others. Empowerment is such a strong word and a great feeling when you can help someone. I think it is important always remember where we are coming from and where we are in the present. Unfortunately, influencers sometimes forget that and start to act rude and dismissive to others. 

What changes have influencers made to the fashion industry? 

It is a totally new way of thinking about fashion and how to reach customers or future customers. The communication is totally different. Before you work, communicate based on each market divided by countries and continents. Now it also adds the age, the tastes, what social media is, and how to promote it. The strategy has become more complex each season.

Did the formed fashion industry welcome Influencers into the sphere? It was hard at first. People are resisting. But the numbers show how influencers are important in this new way of consuming, so we definitely had to deal with it and include them.

How does the fashion world divide and determine whether to let in newly minted stars – Influencers? 

I think it is almost based on a personal feeling when looking at an Instagram and videos of someone. Between the aesthetic and message, each influencer is showing thru their social media.

How much time do you spend on your Instagram blog? 

I am on it all the time. Not for me to post but mostly to see what is out there, what is new, and who did what. It is a constant news update.